Niko Beerenwinkel

Niko Beerenwinkel has successfully supervised and examined 9 PhD students. In addition, he was or is co-supervisor and PhD committee member of another 24 PhD students. He is teaching five units in PhD courses of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School, one of which on Genomic Medicine he has designed and implemented de novo. From 2010 to 2015, Beerenwinkel was a member of the Educational Board of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, which organizes and coordinates various bioinformatics teaching activities across Switzerland.


Francesca Ciccarelli

Francesca Ciccarelli has supervised five PhD students, six postdoctoral fellows, and seven Master’s students since she started her lab. Currently her group is composed of three PhD students, four postdoctoral fellows, and a clinical fellow. All previous PhD students have completed their programme in time with several publications (at least one as a first author). Postdoctoral fellows have undertaken independent or senior scientist positions at École pratique des hautes études in Paris, at the Telethon Institute in Naples and at the Human Genetic Foundation in Turin. She is member or chair of several PhD thesis committees at the Francis Crick Institute and at King’s College London. She is regularly invited to serve on PhD committees in UK and in Europe. She has been coordinator of the PhD programme in computational biology at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and is lecturer on several courses for graduate and undergraduate students at King’s College London and University of Milan (Cancer Genetics; Network Biology; Bioinformatics).

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Jens Lagergren

Jens Lagergren is an experienced supervisor. He is currently supervising three PhD students, 10 students that have completed their PhDs with him as main supervisor, and he has also been co-supervisor for a number of PhD students. Jens Lagergren has been the Director of PhD studies at the School for Computer Science and Communication, at the Royal Institute of Technology, with a quality assurance responsibility for approximately 100 PhD students. He is currently a member of the the Steering Board of the Swedish National Graduate School of Bioinformatics (, funded by the Swedish Research Council. He is a supervior in the Erasmus Mundus PhD program EuroSPIN, coordinated by his department at KTH. At the Royal Institute of Technology, Jens Lagergren is responsible for several PhD course in Machine Learning and has earlier started several PhD courses in Computational Biology.


Nuria Lopez-Bigas

Nuria Lopez-Bigas has led the Biomedical Genomics Group for 10 years, first within University Pompeu Fabra and now within the Institute for Research in Biomedicine. She is currently an ICREA Research Professor. Six PhD students have obtained their degree under her direct supervision and she is currently supervising four PhD students. She teaches the ‘Elements of Biocomputing’ Course in the Bioinformatics Master’s at University Pompeu Fabra. She also teaches lectures in several other Master’s courses in several Universities.


Florian Markowetz

Florian Markowetz is currently supervising 4 PhD students and 5 postdocs. His mentoring success shows in the career trajectories of his team members. Since starting his lab in 2009, 7 postdocs have left his lab: one for a second postdoc, one for an industry position at 7 Bridges Genomics, and 5 for independent academic positions (ICR London, UC San Diego, BIMSB Berlin, UFRGS Porto Alegre, University of Glasgow). Two of his PhD students graduated, one of which is now an Assistant Professor in Hong Kong. He has been teaching a network biology class at the Cambridge Computational Biology MPhil program and supervised 11 MPhil students for their final thesis. Additionally, he is a member of the thesis advisory committee of 4 students at EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

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David Posada

David Posada has extensive experience in PhD training and graduate teaching. Since 2006 he has supervised 7 PhD theses and 6 MSc theses, and 12 postdoctoral researchers. He his currently supervising, as supervisor or co-supervisor, 6 graduate students, half of which are finishing this or next year. He has been regularly teaching at several MSc and PhD programs at the University of Vigo for the last 13 years, mainly teaching phylogenetics, phylogeography, and molecular evolution. He has also participated in more than 20 graduate-level courses, workshops and summer schools in Spain, Europe and USA.


Ewa Szczurek

Ewa Szczurek is currently mentoring three PhD students, one master student, and three student research projects. She has successfully supervised four MSc theses. She has experience in teaching BS and MSc level courses, including Statistical Data Analysis, Linear Algebra, as well as Algorithmic and statistical aspects of DNA sequencing.

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Yinyin Yuan

Yinyin Yuan has been the group leader of the Computational Pathology and Integrative Genomics team at the ICR since 2012. Her team uses multidisciplinary approaches to link genetic mutations, pathological findings and treatments in order to investigate tumours as evolving ecosystems. She is currently supervising two PhD students and two postdocs.