Bertinoro Computational Biology (BCB) meeting

September 14-19, 2019
University Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy


The Bertinoro Computational Biology (BCB) meeting, 2019, Sept 14-19, will focus on the topic of Cancer Heterogeneity and Immune Interactions and will be held in the small medieval hilltop town of Bertinoro, see pictures and map. It is a small workshop with around 30 participants and it can be viewed as a continuation of earlier successful BCB meetings on Computational Cancer Research.


As the field of immuno-oncology gains in importance following the success of checkpoint blockade inhibitors, increasing focus must be placed on understanding the interaction between malignant cells and patients’ immune responses.

Moreover, measurement technologies capable of surveying the entire 'ecosystem' of cells comprising a tumor such as single cell sequencing and in situ imaging methods including image mass cytometry and merFISH are becoming stable and robust. Consequently computational and statistical methods must be advanced in order to maximize biological interpretability with statistical rigor. Our meeting will focus on computational methods development, application of measurement technologies and biological interpretation of immune-malignant cell interaction. The main focus will be on tumor heterogeneity, immune defense in cancer, and particular interactions between these two components. Methods for analysis of single ­cell and spatial cancer data as well as applications of such methods are in general within the scope of the meeting. We will have presentations across the spectrum of technology development, statistical and computational methods and biological application.

Workshop Participants

Speakers and presentations are not yet finalized. Please review the List of Participants for more information.